As part of the Conference on Monday 7th November 2016, The Report Preparting for a While Community Preventiona and Early Intervention Programme 2011-2015 was launched by Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Des Cahill in the Lord Mayors Chambers.

The Report explores how the interagency Consortium delivered a comprehensive programme design ready for implementation and what factors supported this process. Initially the Report sought to acknowledge the role of all the members of the YK Consortium for the incredible commitment they each made and continue to make to the Programme. With a body of expertise now built up through the process, YK also wishes to share the learning to support wider interagency prevention and early intervention efforts, particularly with the utilisation of an interagency Consortium structure which was at the heart of YK planning, resourcing and governance. The report has been informed by reviewing all associated documentation since 2011 such as minutes of meetings, facilitated sessions, activity reports, planning documents and application processes. It also draws on literature of implementation science, early brain development, studies of evidence based programmes, processes and prevention and early intervention policy and practice.

The Report was written by Dr Margaret Curtin, Dr. Shirley Martin and Katherine Harford. It  emerged from a presentation made at the Global Implementation Conference, Dublin, May 2015.

Click here to download Preparing for a Whole Community Prevention and Early Intervention Programme 2011-2015